About Us


Hey there! Welcome to ISSC Inc., where we're on a mission to make hand hygiene a breeze with our FirstGenUV Hand Sanitizer. Say goodbye to messy gels and complicated setups – we've got your facility covered.

At ISSC Inc., we get it – no establishment wants to deal with the hassle of traditional hand sanitizer replacements. That's why we've crafted the FirstGenUV, a gel-free UVC hand sanitizer stand that's here to revolutionize the sanitizing industry.

Why FirstGenUV? We're glad you asked:

1. Minimal Installation: No one wants to play handyman when it comes to setting up a hand sanitizer station. That's why our FirstGenUV is all about simplicity. Unbox and plug in – you're ready to rock a germ-free zone.

2. Zero Maintenance: Who has time for constant upkeep? Certainly not you! Our FirstGenUV is like the superhero of hand sanitizers – zero gel refills required. Set it up and let it work its magic.

3. Reduced Cost: Save your hard-earned cash for the things that matter. With our FirstGenUV, you're not just investing in hygiene; you're investing in 250,000 uses as opposed to the 400 uses you'll receive out of a 1-liter gel bag.

4. Mess-Free: Gel squirts, spills, and sticky hands – a thing of the past! Our FirstGenUV is all about mess-free sanitizing. No more wiping down counters or dealing with gooey residue. Just clean, convenient, and effective sanitation.

5. Safe to Use: We take safety seriously. The UVC technology in our FirstGenUV ensures a thorough sanitization without harmful exposure levels or chemicals. It's like a force field against germs.

At ISSC Inc., our goal is simple – we want to eliminate pathogens while eliminating waste and sanitizing cleanup. FirstGenUV isn't just a product - it's an upgrade. So join the revolution, kick germs to the curb, and let's make hand hygiene a no-brainer.

Here's to clean hands, happy faces, and a world without unnecessary messes!

Cheers, The ISSC Inc. Team